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Born from a very strong friendship between Shanna & Yaëlle, the Ateliers SY, based in Lausanne, offer jewelery creations in natural stones and workshops to create their own stone bracelet.

It is through Shanna's passion for stones, and her desire to heal "naturally" that the first SY bracelets were born in April 2017.

Indeed, she wanted to wear stone jewelry to be able to cure her eczema, help her to take full place in this world, and find natural alternatives for various situations (flu, backpain, body aches, etc.).

Being employed in an office, she needed these jewels to meet certain aesthetic criteria allowing them to go unnoticed when she would wear them at work or in other corporate environments.


She explained her research to her friend Yaëlle, jewelry designer for 20 years, who immediately felt inspired by this idea.

After some sketches, the first models took shape and given the reactions of their close friends, they decided to share their creations.


Today, they offer various jewelry models with different stones, all hand-made with utmost care and a feel for aesthetic beauty. They are constantly looking for new ideas, and they draw their inspiration from deep in their hearts by listening to the messages sent by the Universe.


Shanna has been active in the field of personal development for almost 10 years and has successfully completed an education as certified professional coach (International Coach Federation). She has been trained in different techniques, including Neuro Linguistic Programming and Emotional Freedom Techniques. In recent years, she began to take an interest in stones and followed several courses on lithotherapy. Through Les Ateliers SY, she wants to express her creativity and share her experience with stones.


Yaëlle has spent more than 20 years in sales. She has developed a strong sense of services and an ability to understand the needs and desires of her clients. As result of attentive listening and sensitivity, she feels the needs of the customers and makes them a priority. She is passionate about creation and has developed several exclusive collections. Assembling techniques as well as the mixing of colors and materials are no secrets to her. She cannot wait to share her passion with you and pass on her knowledge!


Purification & Reloading : Shanna and Yaëlle have made it their goal to purify, reload and transform stones accumulating positive energy into jewelry in a climate of pure love. Each piece of jewelry is sold with a card giving the name of the stone and words describing its benefits.


Les Ateliers SY© focus on the benefits of stones combined with the aesthetics of jewelry made for everyone. Shanna and Yaëlle are delighted to share their creations with you and will be pleased to visit you at your place to present their collections!

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